Saturday, February 1, 2014

Donation based Distant Healing's on Skype AVAILABLE NOW

Support Renée and Jon in Hawaii

Together we have a unique way of working with a person's body and blueprint on all levels. Our focus is on soul integration and retrieval, psychic surgery, shamanic practices, integration of divine masculine and feminine aspects, blockage removal, ancestral karmic healing, light body activation, meridian system and 5 element balancing, acupressure, breath work, cellular re-patterning, and sacred geometry. Jon will work with you on the higher planes if needed.

Renée teaches her unique japanese style of yoga and raw food. Yoga postures and dietary recommendations may be prescribed in the form of a 'take home program.'
A session with us normally takes around 1 hour, and is done fully clothed, where we hold oneness space, so you feel safe and held.

For a donation we also will do distant healing over skype. and for anything over $80 donation we will also send you Renée's raw food ebook AWAKENING TO RAW.

I loved my healing session with Jon and Renee! After recently suffering from a broken heart, I didn’t know if I could ever trust again. Jon and Renee were not only there for me during my darkest moments, but they helped me get through the pain and reminded me of a higher vibrational perspective that was a path I could choose to take. During our healing session, they were able to lead me into a space where I could feel the divine love and comfort of what it is to trust and love again. It’s the first time I’ve reached this space within my heart in months. I feel great now, and carry this with me everyday. Thank you so much! You two are amazing!!!! 
HopeGirl - USA

"I had a most amazing healing session via Skype last night with Jon and Renee. Truly an experience as equally as heart-warming and beautiful as their current surroundings in Hawaii. This was my second experience with these folks and they are truly love filled magnificent practitioners and people."
Gary Gilman - USA 

 "highly recommend a healing with these 2. You also will love Renee's Raw Food E- book. The best Raw recipes that are easy to make" 
Michelle Mullens - Australia 

 "I had a healing last night with Renee and Jon which was awesome! Their connection is powerful and something special that I recommend to anyone in need of a healing and rebalance. They helped me shift back into high vibration which allowed my energy to flow clearly again. I also had immediate insights and synchronicity on my drive home and I had peaceful dreams of connecting with loved ones."
Belinda Harvy - Australia

Just had an amazing distance healing session with two of the most beautiful beings I know Renee and Jon . They created the space and energetic support I needed in my field to really honor myself and my truth. Amazing what you can do when you find true love!
Tina Ali - Australia 

Another awesome healing from Jon and Renee last night with much cleansing realigning and clearing past beliefs I've carried since the womb. Jon gave me clarity in my emotions and how I have lifted my vibration the sadness I felt wasn't so painful it was easy to go through and not feel completely wiped out like I usually feel. 
Today I feel so grounded and in flow again as the signs keep coming in answer to the direction as a healer. I also picked up a special friend from crystal universe who wants to help me manifest my dreams ! If you need healing, direction and teaching in lifting your vibration these two are for you ! Love you both xx 

Belinda Harvey - Australia 

QUIET-LISTEN-LEARN-BE-LOVE. Every time I have a session with Renee and Jon, the most amazing and magnificent experiences begin to arrive in my life. While I have worked with hundreds of healing practitioners over the years, Jon and Renee are truly the cream of the crop. They give LOVE and APPRECIATION as well as HEALING a brand new higher vibrational meaning and most benevolent outcome. I have found myself truly being open and allowing rather than having any expectations at all. Thank you both. Be-the-LOVE-You-Seek. 
While each person may have different experiences, I am saving tons of money since working with Renee and Jon. Instead of believing and purchasing all the supplements, flower essences, and other supporting nutrients I believed I needed , I am finding myself feeling naturally better and invigorated after each session. These two practitioners are truly amazing as their hearts and minds are in the right place. Also they have wonderful and amazing teachers who also exemplify true love and healing. 
Gary Gilman - USA 

To the beautiful Renee and Jon
lifetimes worth of thankfulness for the amazing Skype healing i was just so lucky to receive. These amazing beauties are like air fresheners for your heart and soul. With the most beautiful smiles and energy they gently pull you back into self and put more wood and light on a fire already inside you Leaving your heart feeling full and radiating such a beautiful love and oneness, with a fire bigger than you imagined. I recommend anyone with an open heart to have a pay by donation Skype healing to support the amazing energy these delights are creating and radiating. they are pure deliciousness!
Sarah Kenny - Canada 

Jon & Renee, words are not enough, They are beautiful beings their presence is blissful. They have a way to graciously guide you, with catalystic reactions within & without. Their Synergy assisted me in reconnecting within self & soul fragments, That I had been struggling with. Visions ensued like I was, Standing at a moat with the bridge lowering to allow me into my Castle Much love

Chris O'Sullebháin - Australia

Met a super AWE MAZING Light Being of a woman today and received one of the most powerful healings of my LIFE from her and her beloved. A true cosmic dream team. No words to describe..What a divine synchronicity-  sharing their profound healing abilities .... Giving Infinite Thanks and Praises!

Seraphinah Forest ~ USA

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