Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yoga and Raw Food Detox Day at Yoga Tree

a day with Chris Dwyer and Renee McCready

Bookings can be made online at Try Bookings

Chris focuses primarily on the physical aspects of asana. When the body is allowed to feel the correct foundation in each asana, it gives us the opportunity to explore it further. The activation of the correct muscle groups, in the correct sequence allows for even deeper access into the postures. Once we discover our innate physical strength, it can have the profound effect of breaking down our old emotional patterns and kinks. 

Renée's believes that yoga is a living process that changes moment by moment. Her focus is from an oriental perspective, creating a present safe space to use the breath as an anchor to move through postures or shapes and explore you own innate body intelligence and knowledge on all levels. Feeling inside your body and undoing, softening, allowing your body to become the teacher, creating freedom to then pull together in a different way. Renée also brings Raw plant based living foods into the mix, then off the mat into everyday life. 

All levels are welcome.

Together, let Chris and Renee guide you on a journey through Power Yoga, Ki flow Yoga, Meditation, Shiatsu and Partner Yoga, while enjoying a selection of raw food to energise, cleanse and renew your practice, your mind and your body.

$139 full
$99 secondary student 
2 scholarships available, apply to

Sunday 17th of March, 11.00am to 4.30pm at Yoga Tree

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