Sunday, June 17, 2012

AWAKENING TO RAW ebook available soon!

My first ebook will be out end of June, early July, its called AWAKENING TO RAW, its really for someone who is looking to add more raw plant based foods to their lifestyle, and needs a starting point with easy to use recipes and information.
It wil be $25AUD. 

I’ve been experimenting, collecting and documenting raw recipes since 2009 when I first discovered the concepts, and consequently the benefits of raw live plant based eating. 
My background is based in Oriental Medicine, so my nutritional grounding extends from traditional theories of oriental dietary energetics. In my practice as a Shiatsu therapist, yoga teacher & healer, I once offered private consultations for clients using the chinese 5 element theories in combination with Oriental dietary energetics, so it would seem that the raw plant based diet concept would be the polar opposite to my training & background? 
As the Spleen is the predominant organ of digestion & adaption for our digestive health in Oriental dietary energetics, we need to it be healthy to assist in maximum nutritional assimilation & to support our physical strength.  There is evidence by Dr Gabriel Cousens who wrote the book “Conscious Eating” that raw green leafy vegetable, microalgaes & seaweeds will indeed support the spleen from an Oriental perspective and infact warm & dry up what we call “damp heat” in Oriental dietary energetics, as well as support the kidneys, that was proof to me that the two dietary concepts could coexists as I felt so deeply drawn to the raw plant based lifestyle.
It is not necessary about being 100% raw & vegan, but about introducing more raw into you and your families daily eating pattens. 
Creating a raw desert, instead of sugar, wheat & diary laden deserts, making half of the evening meal raw clean live plant based foods, substituting almond  or other nut milks instead of soy or diary, and introducing green smoothies as a daily nutritional boost. 
A few things to remember are; eat as organically, seasonally, locally and sustainably as possible. 
Activate your cellular intelligence within your body, feel more alert, alive and vital, be energized and connected with raw plant based living foods. 
Blessings Renée 

RENÉE MCCREADY is a Holistic Health Practitioner/Educator, Author and Founder of Ki FLOW Healing Studio in Melbourne. Renée runs yoga classes based on her unique style of somatic therapeutic yoga, is a qualified yoga teacher, therapist of shiatsu & oriental therapies, an intuitive healer and raw foodie.  
She is author of the upcoming ebook “AWAKENING TO RAW” and runs educational workshops to enhance spiritual nutrition by adding raw plant based foods into your lifestyle for a healthier mind, body, spirit connection. 

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