Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Interview with me on the Wholefood Mama Blog

A few months ago my friend Nikki interviewed me for her fantastic blog The Wholefood Mama 
 Here is the direct link to the interview; 

Below are screen shots of the interview in full (you can click to enlarge) although if you want my Raw Vegan Rich Chocolate Torte recipe you will have to go to the blog to get that, it's directly at the end of the interview :) 


KI FLOW Healing Studio Elwood

Ki FLOW gives you back your body.

Ki FLOW yoga is a somatic based yoga therapy developed by Renée McCready.
Imagine being able to practice being strong & balanced at your edge some days or soft and behind your edge on others with no judgment.

Ki FLOW Yoga allows the remembering and the intelligence of the body to guide you. 
Each practice is new, unfolding another layer of experience, it opens us into different ways to relate to our body that involves our emotions and connection to Chinese 5 element theory  assisting us to understand how we use our body in relationship to these energies, also the food we eat, 
the season we are in or the dreams & visions we hold. 

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