About KI FLOW Healing

 KI FLOW healing is a practice developed over the last 15 years by Renee McCready .
 It is process orientated therapeutic bodywork with its origins in Shiatsu, 5 element theory, Oriental & Zen Therapies, Yogic philosophies, Multi disciplinary energetic practices, both ancient and new, Body alignment & Well-being and life coaching.

I work with  a person's body and blueprint on all levels. 
 reconnecting the body to its pure potential using soul integration and retrieval, psychic surgery, shamanic practices, integration of divine feminine aspects, blockage removal, ancestral karmic healing, light body activation, meridian system and 5 element balancing, breath work, gui
ded meditation, cellular re-patterning, and sacred geometry. 

Please contact Renee on 0416 873599

or email kiflowhealing@gmail.com for more information

The treatment session takes up to 90mins this includes, therapeutic conversation and hands on healing and energy work 

Investment is $100

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.
The entire practice is done clothed and covered on a futon on the floor for maximum comfort.

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