Thursday, October 24, 2013

Innocent asana

Postures (asana) are innocent,  its about your belief and attitude towards them?

My yoga teacher said that statement in class yesterday
it hit me RIGHT on my third eye!

I mean, sure its not like I don't know that..... i mean those who know me will agree that I'm kinda deep ;)  but man have I been in self judgment critical stupor with my face again the wall in my practise of late. 

The metaphor for this statement lies in my seemingly trusty old yoga mat. 

Its demanding, wont let me get a new one, its attached to me and it doesn't give me the support I really need under my feet anymore, its  falling apart! (ok that's really me)  :/

Time for a new thought form? time to let go? time to detach and observe? time to support my own individual I AM needs as part of the whole? time to pull it all together? uuugghhhh....

I'm not going to lie, yoga is my NEMESIS. 

it antagonises me, sometimes injures me, can be my undoing, challenges me, has been my downfall and failure, is part of my destiny.  lets just say it.....That goddess Nemesis was a real bitch!

OK, so when I'm in homeostasis, breath, observation, non judgement in no-time space, being soft, it feeds me, nourishes me, grounds me, balances me, is my joy and my inner personal success, lets just say it....... thank you Goddess Nemesis for holding the contrast! 

SO then..... what to do what that old outdated critical judgement (along with my worn out yoga mat) ?

I'm going to make myself a pair of these beauties from my OLD OUTDATED YOGA MAT....and if you know me, you'll know I just L.O.V.E a pair of thongs, I love to free my feet, because these feet were made for walking! :D

 And as for me? well.....time to repurpose and reinvent myself from a very new vantage point :) 

Namasté Namaskar 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Elemental Evolution Radio Show

I had my first ever radio "appearance" last Monday on the show Elemental Evolution on 5D Media Network - EGO SHOWDOWN
It was fantastic and I get to play with my sisters again this week on our next show THE EGO MELTDOWN! 

Last weeks show link here on archive;

This weeks show Sunday/Monday 8pm EST 11am AEST

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