Sunday, May 5, 2013

I AM full of light

What does it mean to be full of light.

I know I came in this way. 
which also means I have a contrast of darkness that sometime persuades me to believe otherwise, but thats ok. 
I understand this as it surges forth willingly and unwillingly from my cells that are indeed a hologram of the greater universe, that which is me.
this isn't new age hippy bullshit, this is physics, this is mathematical, this is spiritual, this is all there is.
I remember the light, its safety, the feeling of not being separate, I guess some might call that oneness, god, elohim, source, whatever works for you. As I BE here in polarity, I know this as my I AM, it is I, eternal. 
I AM indeed calling back parts of myself that are ready to hold more soul mass in this moment of now, some might call this a prayer, I call it intent. and so it is. 

Love From me
Renée X

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