"I just loved the whole day! I felt like I was part of a very special moment
in time among very special women. Your teaching was excellent and I have
learned so much. Thank you! 
The raw food element of the day was a complete surprise to me as I had
imagined smoothies and really not much else. I am still marvelling over all
the different possibilities and combinations of raw foods. 
The introduction to foods and brand names, some of which I've never heard of
before, was a very positive part of your demonstration. To be able to taste
not only the food that you prepared but taste some of the individual
ingredients was very important. I know now what foods I like and have the
confidence to purchase them and introduce them into my diet. On the down
side, I am a Dairy Farmers daughter who is now struggling to drink milk.
The yoga component of the day was brilliant. Although we had quite a
workout, I feel really good.
The massage workshop was amazing. I have already given a massage and have
look up U Tube as you suggested just to make sure I've remembered everything

Rosemary Chalmers

"What a fantastic woman you are, strong, warm, positive and a wealth of knowledge, thank you for sharing some of it with us.
The raw food segment was unbelievable to say the least. I had to admit 

I was a little unsure of how I felt about "raw food" (hence the main reason for

attending your workshop) but the recipes and tasting soon put that to rest.

Since your work shop I have played with recipes from your cook book and have

found them to be alive, easy to prepare and delicious. I am a 

converted fan!!!

Although I was only at the workshop for half of the time, I found it was very

organised, well run and your teaching was interactive and enjoyable.

Once again thank you for your time, energy and light and I look forward to

another workshop in this part of the world"

Ariana Ridley 

"The workshop was great thanks Renee. 
You do have a lovely genuine energy that gave a lovely calm and friendly atmosphere for the day.The old bod was a bit stiff on Monday!!! ...but that is only telling me to get it streched out a bit.  I loved the massage and would be interested in learning more about it.

The raw food aspect was very interesting and has certainly reminded me of ways  to more incorporate healthy eating into our diet.

You are a great presenter...well done"

Ness Kerr

"I have my birthday this week, and I am having a dinner party coming this weekend Sat 21st July, with which I am going to make your Raspberry Marble Cheesecake and probably the Rawcous! So exciting! And I know you will want to know how it goes, so need not worry I shall show pics and fill you in on the comments from my unsuspecting dinner party diners ;) I know that they won't believe me when I let them know it is all raw :)
Thanks again for the amazing workshop and raw food inspiration!! I am truly inspired.
I also did some of the yoga poses at the gym this morning. Felt fantastic.

I had a thoroughly wonderful day. Real inspiring with the raw food and fantastic experience with the yoga and shiatsu massage too. 

It was great to have met you"

Tracey Crosswell 

"This was a fabulous day, beautiful guided meditation to begin followed by hours of pampering body and soul. Well done Renee!! Come back soon"

Jane Avery 

I had the most amazing experience at the yoga raw food workshop (with a little Shiatsu thrown in for good measure) Feeling energised, refreshed, inspired and feeling my core!! 
You are a STAR Renee! 

Susan Irvine 

I attended Renees Dunedin Raw Food and Yoga Workshop this month. It was an enlightening and inspiring experience! I felt relaxed, energised and empowered. Renee's teaching style is amazing, making everyone feel welcome and safe, and catering to all experience levels. 
The raw food portion of the day was eye opening and hugely inspiring and so far every recipe I have tried from her ebook AWAKENING TO RAW has been a huge success. I would recommend Renee to anyone and i wish that I lived in Melbourne so I could attend regular classes!!

Kirsty McCready


Every moment and dollar that I’ve spent with Renee has been worth more than words can describe. Investing in yourself often feels like a naughty extravagance, but I’ve learnt that it’s an imperative part of living a healthy life. A session with Renee has a magical, mystical healing effect that provides balance and inner calm. Last time I left a session with her, I skipped along picking daisies like a five year old. I can’t wait to go back and recommend her without hesitation or reservation.

Laura Macdonald, filmmaker

I've been coming to see Renee for just over 16 months and in that time we have been working together to integrate conscious and unconscious aspects of Self to create a more authentic and true Self. Seeing Renee is one of my core ways of taking responsibility for my life towards Self Empowerment. The work Renee does is invaluable to me and I treasure and look forward to my regular treatments!! 

Judy H, Holistic Counsellor 

I've had lower back pain, neck issues and lack of motivation for too long now. I've tried other things for fitness and healing and never wanted to go back. I've been doing Renee's Kiflow class for 3 weeks now and I love it. I actually felt better halfway through the first class. My back pain has all but gone, I feel more relaxed, happier and fitter than I have in years.... And I've only done 3 classes.
Renee has a way about her...... She takes her learning and makes sense of it for us and the lives we live. The down to earth environment in the studio is welcoming and immediately disarming. You feel like you're home. It's clear she puts her heart and soul into her classes and treatments (and amazing snacks!) ... But it's her intelligent yet humble attitude to teaching the class that makes you feel encouraged and inspired. It's never exhausting, never intimidating and it never hurts... it just makes you feel better.

Heidi McDonald Mother, actor, project manager

I have often come to Renee when I am feeling physically weak and emotionally vulnerable and tired.
As soon as I walk into her studio space I feel so totally safe to let go and fall into the hands of a gifted practitioner. 
Through the fine attunement of Renee's healing abilities and practices, I leave feeling rested and not long after calmly energised, centred and alert.

Renee has a powerful replenishing gift as a healer and lives the integrity of her work.  As a practitioner her practices are effective and unique as is the she. 

Susan Ryan, Founder/Director

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