Monday, November 4, 2013

My new radio show on WALKING IN ENERGY

Join Renée McCready and guests on 'Walking in Kiflow' as we explore and expand awareness around the cellular body and how it connects, integrates, activates and recalibrates energy.  We will also look at spiritual nutrition and the energetics of plant-based foods; plus yoga, body consciousness, gaia, meditation, and breath, including how these all flow together in a co-creational process.

My first show will be on Tuesday November 12th 9pm EST in the USA
Wednesday November 13th 1pm AEST in Australia 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Innocent asana

Postures (asana) are innocent,  its about your belief and attitude towards them?

My yoga teacher said that statement in class yesterday
it hit me RIGHT on my third eye!

I mean, sure its not like I don't know that..... i mean those who know me will agree that I'm kinda deep ;)  but man have I been in self judgment critical stupor with my face again the wall in my practise of late. 

The metaphor for this statement lies in my seemingly trusty old yoga mat. 

Its demanding, wont let me get a new one, its attached to me and it doesn't give me the support I really need under my feet anymore, its  falling apart! (ok that's really me)  :/

Time for a new thought form? time to let go? time to detach and observe? time to support my own individual I AM needs as part of the whole? time to pull it all together? uuugghhhh....

I'm not going to lie, yoga is my NEMESIS. 

it antagonises me, sometimes injures me, can be my undoing, challenges me, has been my downfall and failure, is part of my destiny.  lets just say it.....That goddess Nemesis was a real bitch!

OK, so when I'm in homeostasis, breath, observation, non judgement in no-time space, being soft, it feeds me, nourishes me, grounds me, balances me, is my joy and my inner personal success, lets just say it....... thank you Goddess Nemesis for holding the contrast! 

SO then..... what to do what that old outdated critical judgement (along with my worn out yoga mat) ?

I'm going to make myself a pair of these beauties from my OLD OUTDATED YOGA MAT....and if you know me, you'll know I just L.O.V.E a pair of thongs, I love to free my feet, because these feet were made for walking! :D

 And as for me? well.....time to repurpose and reinvent myself from a very new vantage point :) 

Namasté Namaskar 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Elemental Evolution Radio Show

I had my first ever radio "appearance" last Monday on the show Elemental Evolution on 5D Media Network - EGO SHOWDOWN
It was fantastic and I get to play with my sisters again this week on our next show THE EGO MELTDOWN! 

Last weeks show link here on archive;

This weeks show Sunday/Monday 8pm EST 11am AEST

Thursday, August 8, 2013

nibl on this

My beautiful friend in Dunedin New Zealand has recently began running raw plant based food classes and workshops, she's also started a blog called nibl on this.

Her latest post mentions me, I was pretty cuffed about that as it makes me feel great to be an inspiration in someones raw food journey. 

Below is a screen shot of that part the blog post, you can click on the pic to enlarge it. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

August deal at the studio

Only 5 weeks till spring, and in Oriental Medicine we often suggest having a treatment of some description at the change of each season. 

If you haven't had a Healing session with me, or have but not for a while I'm offering an August deal.

 When you come receive a 90 minute healing treatment investment of $120, you will also receive one free Ki Flow Yoga class  (valued at $25) all to be redeemed within the month of august another good time to create a practice to support your body as we shift seasons. 

Here's a testimonial from one of my clients;

Every moment and dollar that I’ve spent with Renee has been worth more than words can describe. Investing in yourself often feels like a naughty extravagance, but I’ve learnt that it’s an imperative part of living a healthy life. A session with Renee has a magical, mystical healing effect that provides balance and inner calm. Last time I left a session with her, I skipped along picking daisies like a five year old. I can’t wait to go back and recommend her without hesitation or reservation.
Laura Macdonald, filmmaker

You can read other students and clients Testimonials here 

You can contact me on 0416873599
or email me on

Treatment days are:
Tuesdays 11.30 - 6pm
Thursdays 10.30 - 6pm
Fridays 11.30 - 7pm
Saturdays - 9am - 5pm 

Yoga class for August are:
Tuesday 9.30 -11am
Tuesdays 7 - 8.30pm
Friday 9.30 - 11am 

Then from Monday 2nd September 
Early morning "start the week of well class" starts again 6.15 - 7.30am 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I AM full of light

What does it mean to be full of light.

I know I came in this way. 
which also means I have a contrast of darkness that sometime persuades me to believe otherwise, but thats ok. 
I understand this as it surges forth willingly and unwillingly from my cells that are indeed a hologram of the greater universe, that which is me.
this isn't new age hippy bullshit, this is physics, this is mathematical, this is spiritual, this is all there is.
I remember the light, its safety, the feeling of not being separate, I guess some might call that oneness, god, elohim, source, whatever works for you. As I BE here in polarity, I know this as my I AM, it is I, eternal. 
I AM indeed calling back parts of myself that are ready to hold more soul mass in this moment of now, some might call this a prayer, I call it intent. and so it is. 

Love From me
Renée X

Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Interview with me on the Wholefood Mama Blog

A few months ago my friend Nikki interviewed me for her fantastic blog The Wholefood Mama 
 Here is the direct link to the interview; 

Below are screen shots of the interview in full (you can click to enlarge) although if you want my Raw Vegan Rich Chocolate Torte recipe you will have to go to the blog to get that, it's directly at the end of the interview :) 


KI FLOW Healing Studio Elwood

Ki FLOW gives you back your body.

Ki FLOW yoga is a somatic based yoga therapy developed by Renée McCready.
Imagine being able to practice being strong & balanced at your edge some days or soft and behind your edge on others with no judgment.

Ki FLOW Yoga allows the remembering and the intelligence of the body to guide you. 
Each practice is new, unfolding another layer of experience, it opens us into different ways to relate to our body that involves our emotions and connection to Chinese 5 element theory  assisting us to understand how we use our body in relationship to these energies, also the food we eat, 
the season we are in or the dreams & visions we hold. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yoga and Raw Food Detox Day at Yoga Tree

a day with Chris Dwyer and Renee McCready

Bookings can be made online at Try Bookings

Chris focuses primarily on the physical aspects of asana. When the body is allowed to feel the correct foundation in each asana, it gives us the opportunity to explore it further. The activation of the correct muscle groups, in the correct sequence allows for even deeper access into the postures. Once we discover our innate physical strength, it can have the profound effect of breaking down our old emotional patterns and kinks. 

Renée's believes that yoga is a living process that changes moment by moment. Her focus is from an oriental perspective, creating a present safe space to use the breath as an anchor to move through postures or shapes and explore you own innate body intelligence and knowledge on all levels. Feeling inside your body and undoing, softening, allowing your body to become the teacher, creating freedom to then pull together in a different way. Renée also brings Raw plant based living foods into the mix, then off the mat into everyday life. 

All levels are welcome.

Together, let Chris and Renee guide you on a journey through Power Yoga, Ki flow Yoga, Meditation, Shiatsu and Partner Yoga, while enjoying a selection of raw food to energise, cleanse and renew your practice, your mind and your body.

$139 full
$99 secondary student 
2 scholarships available, apply to

Sunday 17th of March, 11.00am to 4.30pm at Yoga Tree

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classes have begin at KI FLOW Studio for 2013

Classes are back in action for 2013. check the Timetable for term HERE 

On Sunday 17th March I am running a Master Class 1 day Workshop at the Yoga Tree with one of my teachers Chris Dwyer for more information go HERE 

I have a new class starting from Monday 4th February. An early morning "Start the week of well" class from 6.15am till 7.30am. It will be an 8 week block and an investment of $200. If you decide to join later in term, it will be priced accordantly. 
After running the 5 day intensive for Starting 2013 off well a few weeks back, the feedback  from the students was early morning classes gave them improvement in daily energy levels, deeper sleep, a stronger body, more alignment in their structure, calmer nervous system, more internal balance, a more positive outlook, direction and focus for 2013. KI FLOW Intensive's will run at the change of season throughout 2013 each time with a focus on the seasonal element from an oriental perspective.

The regular on-going Thursday 6pm class has changed to 7pm. 

Send me an email, facebook message, txt or phone call 0416 873599 to book in for any of the classes new and on-going or the master class workshop in February. 

My Healing and Shiatsu Treatments are back in action now too after the holiday break, you can read about that HERE you can also read testimonial's from students and clients HERE  

I will at some point over next few months be running a yoga and raw food workshop at Autumn Retreat in Thornbury on the North side, and a Raw Food Demo at the Yoga Tree in Elstenwick on the South Side to promote my ebook AWAKENING TO RAW.

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