Renée is a Therapist of Shiatsu & Oriental Practices, a Wellbeing & Mind-Set Coach, a raw foodie & a Yoga Australia Qualified Yoga Teacher, having studied a 3 year traditional apprenticeship in Oki-Do Yoga, the lineage - 3rd generation direct from Japanese Master Masahiro Oki.
Renée has studied many multi disciplinary modalities of the ancient and new Spiritual practices with many teachers in both group and an individual capacity. 

 Her background extends from the Performing Arts, Visual Arts Curation, Health Industry and Motherhood, of which she had gleamed, studied and experienced wholeheartedly and integrated into her Teachings, Therapy, life and Practice. 

Renée's intention is to bring awareness and integrity to the mind, emotion, body and spirit connection.  
She has a strong pull toward assisting in the shifts in the collective consciousness, and how we as individuals, each play our part in the story.  

Her practice as a healer and a teacher allows one to assist in clearing limiting beliefs through aspects of "oneself" into the whole, using Ki FLOW healing techniques, Oki-do yogic principles, Somatic cellular healing, Shiatsu, Zen and Oriental Therapies, breath, body alignment techniques, spiritual nutrition & raw plant based foods and a persons own innate creative and spiritual intelligence.

There is never a ‘set way’ of how a session will unfold, it is process orientated, so allows for whatever the experience is to be in the moment. 

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