Friday, August 3, 2012

AWAKENING TO RAW ebook available NOW!

I'm very excited to be releasing my debut ebook AWAKENING TO RAW!

If you are just waking up to the possibility of raw plant based foods and nutrition, and your'e  looking for simple yet truly vibrant, delicious and nutritious recipes, then this is the ebook for you! 

AWAKENING TO RAW has over 50 raw plant based recipes.
 Including macadamia ricotta, date butter, almond milk, my home un-cooked meal ideas like raw taco's, raw lasagna, raw mac n' cheese and rawcous. Also many guilt free, dairy, soy and gluten free desserts and sweets, including chocolate chai torte, bleedin' raspberry chocolate ganache tart, black forest cheesecake, superfood truffles and scrumptious raw chocolate.

ONLY $25.00 AUD 

You can BUY NOW on-line securely by pressing the button to the right of the screen and pay either through PAYPAL or a debit or creditcard. 
Then just send me an email at with your name in the subject line and I will email you the link to the ebook download as soon as the payment has cleared through PAYPAL .

Once downloaded the ebook (sent in both high res and low res versions) can be saved directly to your ibooks on your iphone or ipad, so you can obtain the ebook from more then one of your technology sources.  
As it's a PDF it can also be saved onto whatever application takes PDF's on smartphones and PC's.

 I'm so happy to be sharing with you what I've been discovering in my journey of raw un-cooking.

Activate your cellular intelligence within your body. Feel more alert, alive and vital. Be energized and connected with raw plant based living foods.

Blessings and love Renée 

Open in ibooks on your iphone or ipad 

Open the PDF on your computer or laptop, select options that best suit your viewing 

Save in ibooks 

Bright vibrant photos with fresh raw ingredients to inspire you! 

Within the Table of Contents, you can click on a recipe and it will take you directly to your recipe of choice, without having to scroll through the entire ebook

....."Love the book Congratulations!! 
Well done and written. I've decided to make the chocolate mousse for dessert and Renee's rainbow salad for dinner. Cant wait to get a spiraliser what a great tool!
  So inspiring and easy to have the recipe book on the phone so when shopping you don't have to remember anything it's all there. Well done I look forward to a new me using your book"....

Judy - Melbourne Australia 

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