Saturday, May 2, 2009

guilt & the hips

Today my practice was a form of Yoga called Yin Yoga.
This is very different from the 'style' of yoga I usually practice which is very yang in nature and powerful, Yin Yoga is much more aligned with the way I teach, and has the oriental undercurrent.
Working on the hips got me to thinking about how much guilt is stored in a deep emotional level, in the hip and pelvis, especially for women, this is something that has been 'agreed' on as a collective in society, so it becomes very obvious the more aware of it we become.
The Earth element in our bodies needs nurturing, it needs time to settle in, to find it's containment, contentment and boundary's.
When we hold a hip opener posture or shape for a time and breath into that space, it untucks and unfolds the holding pattern sitting in the dark places of the pelvis, if we follow the lead of the breath and imagine the light or sunshine in that space, reaching in with love and forgiveness and filling it up, it gives permission for us to 'feel' out the emotions - the guilt, it allows us to own it or not, to question weather it is ours or not? It gives us a moment in our 'now' to capture the freedom of which is innately ours, in our body, our breath, our mind, our spirit. And from the experience of that expression we can go back there again and again.

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  1. I like the fact that we have reconnected recently..and I like the fact that you share your thoughts, ideas and spiritual journey....and I look forward to sharing in the next phase of this life with you...we have some fabulous gifts for each other I believe! Sunshine blessings and Aroha to you and in support of your practice, and in support of you. X G


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