Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bliss & OM

Have you ever really listened to your OM?
A-U-M, the resounding resonance can be so blissful, clearing and energising, which makes a lot of sense given the OM represents the primary sound of the universe, its a big ask!
I got to thinking about how in TCM the triple warmer energy in our bodies (San Jiao) and the three 'burning spaces' relates to the OM I produce whist mediating.

As we begin the sound of the 'A' we are directing the breath and the sound, the beginning of creation to the lower heater of the body, from the lock through the base chakra it reaches deep into the body, into the small intestines, large intestines, Bladder and Kidney's.

As we move into the 'U' the sound rises up into the middle heater circulating the life force and resonance of sound in to the earth of our being, the stomach, the spleen and our liver.

Then finally as we produce the sound of 'M' it represents the destruction of creation and the beginning of the new cycle, we send that life force, breath and sound into the lungs and heart and into the spaces and cavities of the head and to our crown chakra and beyond.

OM, the purest of sounds, that creates such peace, and reminds us that peace is not outside of us but part of who we are.

OM Shanti Shanti

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