Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free Floating

So it would seem the message's I've been getting from my own inner guidance and that of many amazing posts I read that I find and that find me, that we are in for a bit of a ride this week, so I thought I would give you a heads up. The way I see it is, that we are hitting a week of some minor (or major, depends how you look at it!) turbulence.

In saying that, BRING IT ON!

It’s ALL about clearing out the old patterns, the old 'dead wood' (perfect for spring) not just saying it but doing (or BEING) it! Be aware of the clues, or cues that are available to you, mull over them. Stay in touch with the varying and mixed emotions that you may experience from your 'self' (s) and those around you this week, find the places in your body(ies) where you feel it, absorb it, see where you go with it, maybe where you even went with it, (maybe it slipped from your fingers) don't get into the story, just notice it, release it, observation baby!

Some of you might find a little rocking and rolling as your turbulence hits a few big air pockets, you might find tucked away a few conflicting states of being (or doing) pulling you in many directions. Again notice it, have a look, and forward we go!

Lets use this energy this week to re-make our emotional body, the day (or week!) is here! It’s time my friends to clean out the closet of this emotional and physical body that you have, right here, right now!

If we hold onto our dark turmoil’s and empty promises it’s difficult to FULLY embrace the light!

The word for me this week is 'OUTDATED' re-set your energetic set point! you are your own divine creator! and I love you for it!

Rest if you need to rest, let yourself heal, don’t pick the scab of the wound!

This week find a ritual that you know and love that helps to press the 'release' button and open the Parachute! (Did I tell you that we where going to jump from the plane?!)

Find the free-floating freedom in your ‘self’? How good does that feel?!

A great quote I read is ‘ Adjust that dream of yours to fit the reality before you’ - because its just an illusion anyway!

Peace out - love and light!

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